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 Laying The Smack Down ON The Chat Box.

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Mike Mizanin

Mike Mizanin

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Laying The Smack Down ON The Chat Box. Empty
PostSubject: Laying The Smack Down ON The Chat Box.   Laying The Smack Down ON The Chat Box. Empty16/05/11, 11:09 pm

Due to complaints by some of our members, im not naming names but I will say I do agree because I have felt like this before but I keep my mouth shut until someone else objects, if the members are alright I wont mind so much but sine its obvious some people don't like it, im doing something about it right now. If you don't follow these rules, ill band you from the chat so others can enjoy it in peace.

I think it's okay to play around in the chat box as muses because that is fun, but you can't bring drama that's obviously taking place in a thread IN TO the chat box, because it obviously pisses everyone off (you saw the majority of us didn't like it and were sick of it when the poll was taken)

Maybe something like this:

1.) You can play as your characters in the chat box BUT

-No sex, unless it is you and one other person in there as it makes everyone else uncomfortable

-No drama or behavior that's better left for threads in the chat box; if your characters are fighting or having problems do not bring them in the chat box. The chat box is not a place to continue a thread because that obviously makes everyone else uncomfortable too.


2.) The chat box is a place to talk and hang out, not to cause drama either between members or characters.

3.) This one's a big one, you DO NOT make snide comments about other peoples characters. I think that's pretty unacceptable. That's someone's character that they like, they shouldn't be put down. I realize that everyone has a right to their own opinion but if shouldn't spoken if it's just a plain old diss of someone's character.

These rules will be upheld, because I am tired of getting on chat, seeing this, and being annoyed and KNOWING some other members are irked too so these rules are simple and not that harsh, please follow them.

Laying The Smack Down ON The Chat Box. Mikey10
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Laying The Smack Down ON The Chat Box.
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