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 Fuck Cena.

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Mike Mizanin

Mike Mizanin

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Fuck Cena. Empty
PostSubject: Fuck Cena.   Fuck Cena. Empty01/05/11, 11:42 pm

Cena Sucks.
More than he fucks.
His dimples depleted.
His body burnt.
John Cena makes my eyes hurt.
He has had the belt, now ten times.
Fucking ridiculous when trying to rhyme.
My head hurts,
My Heart Aches.
Im done with Cena.
He is a fuck face.
The Miz is still awesome.
The Miz has Josh.
Cena has a title
And a dick in which to jerk off.
I know, retarded right? My rhyming sucks ass but it makes me feel better!
Fuck Cena!
In the Ass
Very Happy
With something sharp.
And Pointy

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Fuck Cena.
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