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 Character Auction!!

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Character Auction!! Empty
PostSubject: Character Auction!!   Character Auction!! Empty31/03/11, 06:54 pm


We will be holding a character Auction here on Hotmess. Why? Simply because there is no limit to the characters you can have but we ask that you use them. When you don't and you just have them because and someone else whats them causes problems. We ask that if you have a character, USE them. The auction will be held on the chat box April the 19th. You can trade characters for characters or, you can trade a character for something else of value like a story or a picture they are willing to make for you in order to buy your character and what not. I understand some characters are off limits because you use them daily but please be open minded and if you have any problems don't be shy to PM me and tell me about them.

Thank you all!!!

P.S. You can go ahead in Awards and post the characters you are willing to put up for Auction! Thank you! Ill have a topic open for this.
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Character Auction!!
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