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free forum
Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty15/10/11, 06:45 pm by Mike Mizanin

If you are still interested in being part of this site I ask that you let me know and give me ONE account you would like to keep, others will be deleted. I am only keeping one because its already been made but I have tired of keeping up with all the characters so you have one account, you rp as anyone WRESTLING RELATED.

Thank you,


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Dear Members.
Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty14/10/11, 01:07 pm by Mike Mizanin
I am trying to delete all accounts except the main one you use. Im going to fix it so you can thread as any wrestling character, we no longer will have certain people. I am to behind to keep up, I apologize for that and I am sorry for my absence.

Thank you.


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Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty05/08/11, 09:44 pm by Mike Mizanin
All Members Of HotMess,

I at first thought it was common sense only the admin accepted anything on this site.
Apparently not.
So let me go ahead and post a announcement on this matter so I can say its a rule that had been posted and is known by everyone.
Only an Admin can request a character of any kind.

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April - May Awards!!!
Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty03/06/11, 11:38 pm by Mike Mizanin
Alright, we are having our second award nominations. Go to the award part of the forum, and there will be more details, it will be the same as last time and if you weren't around for last time it is fairly self explanatory.
I ask everyone participate and nominate.
!Thank you!!~

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Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty03/06/11, 03:00 pm by Mike Mizanin
Now That FemSlash is allowed on this site, I ask that all the FemSalsh threads be posted under FemSlash in outside of the ring. I will be moving all of the femslash threads over there, so please respect this, and if you can't find your thread is has been moved over to the femslash section.

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Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty31/05/11, 11:01 pm by Mike Mizanin

If you are doing a certain thread with one character, DO NOT post in a different account as a DIFFERENT CHARACTER!

It does bother some people and you should respect that, if your threading with them, consider them. Most people on here are indeed bothered if you do this, I know, I am one of them, I am also one of the people who are ALWAYS switching accounts because I don't like …

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Laying The Smack Down ON The Chat Box.
Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty16/05/11, 11:09 pm by Mike Mizanin
Due to complaints by some of our members, im not naming names but I will say I do agree because I have felt like this before but I keep my mouth shut until someone else objects, if the members are alright I wont mind so much but sine its obvious some people don't like it, im doing something about it right now. If you don't follow these rules, ill band you from the chat so others can enjoy it in …

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Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty14/04/11, 04:41 pm by Mike Mizanin
Please, everyone remember that BEFORE you make your account you need to see that your request is accepted!! I have had people take a character that had already been requested by someone else. The person took them without looking or requesting them and that causes problems because the person who took him wants him but because someone else requested him he is THEIRS you MUST get accepted first!!! …

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Character Auction!!
Free forum : Hot Mess - Awards Empty31/03/11, 06:54 pm by Anonymous

We will be holding a character Auction here on Hotmess. Why? Simply because there is no limit to the characters you can have but we ask that you use them. When you don't and you just have them because and someone else whats them causes problems. We ask that if you have a character, USE them. The auction will be held on the chat box April the 19th. You can trade characters for …

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