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 New boots (OPEN)

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Mike Mizanin

Mike Mizanin

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PostSubject: Re: New boots (OPEN)   03/06/11, 11:34 pm

Mike was dressed like he usually was, he had the most fashionable clothes available adorning his tanned skin. Jake, unlike his fancy friend was wearing a loose gray T-Shirt and an old pair of blue jeans, he was being comfortable.

Mike was the one who had drove, they had gotten lost multiple times, gotten in three arguments on where to go and by the time they arrived Jake was irritable and Mike was grumpy as hell but they were simply glad to be at the home.

Mike banged on the door, and no, it was not just so they would hear, he loved pissing Jake off when he was moody and just as he wanted, the large burly man sent him a glare that could probably kill. Mike shrugged him off and gave a sweet, innocent smile. "What?"

Jake grunted, crossing his arms. "You know what Mike." The small man just gave a short chuckle, already feeling better. Bothering his friend was his favorite pass time and he was truly AWESOME at it.

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Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett

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PostSubject: Re: New boots (OPEN)   03/06/11, 11:55 pm

Shawn perked up when he heard them. "JEFF! They're here!" He shouted out and got up to his feet from lounging around on the couch. "'Bout damn time!" He grinned and yanked open the front door. "There ya'll are! Come on in. What, did ya decide to take every god dang back route to get here?" He teased and looked over to Jeff as he approached to him.

"Hey Mike! Hey Jake!" Jeff grinned at them. He wondered if Shawn was right- if his change of clothes was a good idea. If Jake would even notice the jeans Shawn had picked out. "I got the fire goin' on the grill for lunch. I got chicken, steak, hamburgers, hotdogs- whatever ya'll want! Jus' tell me what you want an' I'll go throw im' on."
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New boots (OPEN)
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